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Lose yourself in this intriguing story of a lost cell phone that entangles 3 unsuspecting individuals in a bizarre love triangle in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

When Leila (Katherine Stults) steps out of a cab for a night on the town, she finds a forgotten phone on her seat.

She quickly discovers it belongs to Tom (Eric Yellin), a young hipster. Curiously rummaging through the phone, she finds texts and pictures from Joanna (Paula Reca), an eclectic artist whom Tom shared a kiss with days before.

In the pursuit to return the phone, Leila develops a fascination with Joanna while Tom delays the retrieval in order to woo Leila by phone.

Everything changes the eve of Leila and Tom’s encounter when Leila and Joanna accidentally run into each other at a hip Lower East Side nightclub.

The story unravels with lighthearted comedy and sexually-charged undertones highlighting the glamor of New York's nightlife and its rarely seen eclectic lifestyles.

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