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Pierre is a New York City-based filmmaker. Inspired in his early years by the hundreds of movies he watched in his parents’ bomb shelter during Lebanon’s ferocious civil war, his first attempts at film were war shorts. He edited them together by combining balcony footage of tank battles with miniature shots of action figures and makeshift pyrotechnics using fireworks and unexploded ordnances.

Those early attempts saw Pierre’s first collaboration with "Tom’s Phone" Executive Producer Patrick Zeitouni. The pair survived the war with limbs intact, and went on to create several shorts in the mid to late nineties.

Having enjoyed a successful career in IT start-ups, Pierre had all but given up on his childhood dream of making films by May 2007 when he decided to take a few weeks off to re-energize. The weeks had turned into an entire year of travel. Finally back in NYC, while developing a different feature, Pierre was sharing a cab with co-Executive Producer Alyssa Casale when they discovered a lost cell phone on Alyssa’s seat. "Tom’s Phone" was born.

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