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One fateful night in New York, Director Pierre Abs and Executive Producer Alyssa Casale were on their way to a Lower East Side (LES) party when Alyssa found a cell phone on her cab seat. They didn’t hesitate to explore the text messages and pictures in the phone which belonged to a city hipster incidentally named Tom. Although Pierre and Executive Producer Patrick Zeitouni had for months been developing a different film idea, the wealth of scandalous communications in Tom’s phone captured Pierre’s imagination, who weaved a sordid plot overnight and promptly started writing a new script.

"Tom’s Phone" was born out of incredible circumstances in the lives of the 3 filmmakers. Pierre had put on hold a successful career in IT management to take a serious shot at his childhood dream of directing while both Patrick and Alyssa had left their jobs with acceptances to prestigious graduate programs in Management and Law freeing up an entire summer for preproduction.

In the spirit of old fashioned indie filmmaking, the film’s budget was shoe-string at best and personally financed, though the production was cleverly enhanced with the generous contribution of gorgeous locations by wildly popular LES bars restaurants nightclubs and landmarks and an exceptional cast and extras.

As expected, the production did not go without a hitch. Of the many close calls, the most notable included a madman throwing buckets of water on cast and crew from his 4th storey fire-escape after being angered by a prop velvet rope. The crew nearly shut down a midtown nightclub when a smoke machine incident resulted in a visit from the fire department, only to be saved by thrilled actresses and extras, "ooh, firemen!!". Then there was the crowd that formed to observe an exterior ass shot.

Having enjoyed a very positive reception at private screenings and focus groups, "Tom’s Phone" is poised for the festival circuit and well poised for the film festival circuit.

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